SCAR SYMMETRY – Harnessing AI for the “Chrononautilus” Cover Art



Diving into the depths of artificial intelligence and creativity, I’ve embarked on a unique journey with Nuclear Blast Records and Swedish melodic death metal band, Scar Symmetry. To promote their new album, “The Singularity (Phase II – Xenotaph)”, we crafted an interactive, AI-driven campaign around their single, “Chrononautilus”, which seamlessly merges fan engagement, AI technology, and my creative acumen.

“Chrononautilus”, like the rest of the album, is brimming with themes of artificial intelligence and alien life forms. To pay homage to this narrative, we encouraged fans to unleash their imaginations, requesting their ideas for the single’s cover art. From this rich pool of creativity, we extracted the best concepts to form the seed of an AI-powered artistic endeavor.

Armed with the Stable Diffusion AI model, I transformed these fan ideas into a series of AI-generated cover concepts. The AI’s ability to convert textual descriptions into visual stories was key in this process. Each idea was fed into the model, which then produced a unique and distinctive cover art.

The generated designs were compiled into a captivating video that carried the audience through the AI’s interpretations of their ideas. Each variant brought a new flavor to the theme of “Chrononautilus”, showing the vast potential of AI in the realm of artistic creation.

In the final phase of this interactive journey, we turned back to the fans. They voted for their favorite AI-generated cover from the collection. The chosen cover art, representing the collective voice of the band’s fandom, became the official representation of “Chrononautilus”.

The whole experience not only pushed the boundaries of conventional album artwork design but also demonstrated the engaging potential of AI technology. By enabling fans to directly influence the visual branding of their favorite band’s new single, we’ve pioneered a new level of interactive music promotion.

For more information about this project, please visit this link.

Used Software/Tech

  • Stable Diffusion
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop


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