Restaurant Varna


Restaurant Varna, Aarhus DK, 23.11.1971

My most complicated project yet and my second little venture into the realms of Sound Design (so feel free to watch with sound)

Also my Nth venture into why you shouldn’t sink over 2 months of your free time into projects like these without setting yourself a deadline, because I tweaked, optimized, changed and “improved” on this until I nearly lost my grasp on reality – all the while contemplating whether I should stop working on this bottomless sinkhole of time and instead focus on something that could actually earn me some money…
But on the other hand, I’ve learned so much doing it, it’s [almost] worth it! .. maybe?

Also, between you and me, it was also quite fun from time to time ;^)

Well now I’m incredibly glad it’s finally over but I’m also quite happy with how it turned out in the end and looking forward to my next bottomless time pit!

What do you think?

Software used (animated and static versions):

Maxon Cinema 4D / Octane Render / Substance Painter / Substance Designer / Adobe Audition / Adobe Premiere / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe After Effects / Adobe Lightroom / Skylum Luminar Neo / Stable Diffusion and even GIMP for some linux-y reason lmao

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