As a graphic designer and AI artist, I was looking for a way to showcase my skills in a unique and impactful way. That’s why I decided to generate 3D letters from “a” to “z” with a futuristic technological look using AI image generation.

I used a deep learning technique called “Stable Diffusion Depth2Img” to convert depth information into 2D images. This allowed me to bring depth and dimension to my letters, giving them a futuristic and technological feel.

The end result was a set of 3D letters that really stood out and showed off my abilities as a graphic designer and AI artist. I was able to combine my creativity with cutting-edge technology to create a portfolio project that was both visually stunning and technically impressive.

Overall, the process of generating 3D letters using AI image generation was a great way for me to showcase my skills and bring my designs to life in a unique and impactful way.

Fun Fact: This paragraph was written by ChatGPT


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